Sew Slow


In sewing I’m slow to learn. Yes, it’s frustrating, BUT I kinda enjoy it. WHY you may be wondering.
1. It shows me struggling with something in front of my children and not giving up, Especially with something I really don’t have to do. They get to see me reading the same instruction sometimes over and over again. And sometimes having to read aloud because I still am not getting it. they see me talking to myself
They see me ripping out seams and doing it over again.
They see me breaking out the you tube videos.
And when all else fails… Calling a friend to help me out if I’m still stuck. (I didn’t call anyone for this but I do have a finished project I want to share where I did.)

2. It helps me stay humble.

Moving on as this is getting wordy.

This pattern is supposed to be quick & easy…well errr ummm, it wasn’t for me this go round but should I decide to make it again I may agree.
This was a pattern I had being wanting to make because it looks so comfy and it says quick & easy. However i shied away from it due to the collar, low neck, and dropped shoulders. I’m not a fan of off the shoulder shirts. Nonetheless I finally made it.



Overall I like and may make again. We shall see.

Me being silly by popping my collar. ☺


9 thoughts on “Sew Slow

  1. I like it! But that front placket is NOT fast and easy for a newer sewer. The instructions also neglect to inform us how to make the placket without topstitching. Is it comfy?

    • NO, it was not easy! those instructions… shaking my head. Thank goodness for the pictures and reading multiple times.
      Yes it’s comfy. This was some inexpensive fabric I found way back when so not sure what it is but I like it. This is my version of a muslin.

  2. That tunic is super fly, and you look lovely in it. The garment alone was worth the struggle, but what you shared about it being good for your children…. golden. Thanks for such a lovely post.

  3. I really like this E!!! You are looking super great, by the way! Your face is all thin and you look all younger and girly!!! This sewing project sounds and looks like a great accomplishment. Your hard work definitely paid off! I like the humility piece too! That’s a great way of looking at it! Thanks for sharing!

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