Disaster Prep.5


I know I know I’m late with this segment. I have been reacquiring some basics and gearing up to learn a new skill.
I have been buying stuff
✅ Rubbing alcohol
✅Coffee filters
✅Soap supplies

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I’m not greatest at journaling. This blog helps a lot.

Soap Supplies? Yes, a skill I’ve been wanting to learn. It ain’t cheap. I will tell you that much. Hopefully I will be able to report back on how it goes.

We have also been assembling/updating our go bags.

I hope to blog soon as my 9 weeks are almost up. A few posts that are waiting in the wings to round off my 9 promised posts are:
⌛Go Bags🏃
🔥How to start a fire with flint and stone
⌛Solar cooking? (We haven’t tried it here yet. Odd. I know)

Can y’all help me out with a 9th topic? What do you want more info on?

For those that know me you may be wondering, I know you have the basics like alcohol and peroxide. Well, when we moved we donated a lot of stuff so we are back to basics.


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