My Radio


Me: pondering in my head over my need for a CD player.Also realizing almost obsolete….I think. I make the call.

Me: babe, how much would you pay for a CD player.

Him: I wouldn’t pay for a CD player.

– —————
Me: I bought a CD player

Her: Erika, why do you need a CD player. Then she started talking about her need for a VHS.

Obviously she understands 🙂

So then I got home and performed a snippet of I can’t live without my radio for my children. Lol.
Their comments are so not pc. The way they say boom box, the way my daughter spelled LL Cool J (el L cool J… Guess she speaking spanglish) when looking for original video, the way they talked about the batteries that go into them and such. Shaking My Head. Technology has come a long way in a short amount of time because I’m no where near old, but they made me feel like it today.


In case you are wondering, it cost me $10 but I am sure we will get $10 worth of use out of it to justify the purchase.


3 thoughts on “My Radio

  1. My daughter wants the lavender one that looks just like that! But when I recite lyrics from back in the day, I get choruses of “Mom you’re so old!” Enjoy your CD player. If you want a portable one, lmk.

  2. I’m actually thinking of getting one too, so I can play NPR in the background while my daughter and I go about our day to day. Yes i know I can stream from the internet, but I’m trying to minimize daytime computer time. It was a great post though. Thanks for the laughs.

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