Summer Fall

As I enjoy the moment I’m in. Reflect on the summer that just past. And think about the school semester (fall) ahead I am wondering how to spend this upcoming week. The last week before “school” fully kicks in. I haven’t looked at the appointment book, we have started about half of our school load, yet something is telling me to take a day to sew/craft. A FULL DAY. ALONE. Not sure if that will happen. Actually doubt it will happen but maybe a compromise can be made.
Anyway, this summer was interesting as it was the most down time we have had (probably ever) But good progress has been made. Just today the younger two inadvertently displayed skills that they having been working on in their down time this summer.
The Boy made these today:



He is really getting good and creative with these. And he doesn’t even have many bricks. Makes me wonder what he would create if he had just a few more.
Faith made these

Cupcakes decorated like pasta. She took a few cake decorating classes this summer and enjoyed it.
I made Italian food for dinner to compliment it.
Excuse the lemons in the tins. Not sure why we did that.

And yesterday Peace prepared a lesson on the 7 deadly sins. I am looking forward to being her student this upcoming week.

Thanking God for the many blessings in my life.



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