Fa Real Erika


Today I noticed/had an uneasy feeling during our Spanish lesson. We had to do a good amount of speaking. I was doing well. But there was this uneasy nervous feeling in my gut. Did I mention I was at home with only my children?
I already knew I had an uneasy feeling about speaking Spanish BUT I thought it was just in public, ESP with native speakers. But the feeling I had today…let me know I have some real work to do. So I continued to work through the lesson while subconsciously trying to calm my nerves. By the end I was


The weird part of it is although I am not fluent I can do ok. dang on need to be perfect like I said, I was doing well. I mean we are at the beginning of the course. I know the basics without much thought. Or rewind to the Dallas Farmers Market this past weekend. I was subconsciously taken back to our time in Mexico City and before I knew it I was bartering in Spanish. It was weird. The words just came out. It was fun. I didn’t even realize it had happened. Now if I had set out to do it…. Never would have happened.
Point is: I need to get more confident and practice with the limited skills I have.
I haven’t really tried to speak or practice since we got back from Mexico City. My brain went into a different mode. Gotta get back on it. My goal isn’t fluency (yet). I guess basic survival without being all nervous and asking for a pen. Lol. Yes! First few days in Mexico City I would clam up and write notes. Sad but true. Reality is that I can/could write and read better than speak. I would love to reverse that. At this point, I much rather speak it than read it or write it.


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