Official Start

Today was the “official” start of our fall semester. We started late (2 hours) due to some issues, stuff and thangs around here but the day went well. Being that I KNOW God is the best of planners I didn’t let the “issues stuff & thangs” get to me. As we were have a very weird good first day it dawned on me that today was the day to finally take that first Dallas bike ride.
So we did. And it was nice, minus the seemingly inevitable bickering that must take place


I didn’t take a bunch of photos to preserve the moment, which I will probably regret.
One thought I did have while riding, since it has been a few months for us and the children were rusty is that bike riding could/should very well be on that list of Disaster Prep posts I am supposed to be doing.
Maybe another post tho as I try to keep them short & sweet. Plus I need sleep.
Goodnight & God bless


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