I got it in my head to stop using ziploc bags so much. So I thought it would be cool to make a substitute with my scrap fabric.

Here is the lot I made.
What’s cool about this project:
1. I really only used scrap fabric (well I purchased Velcro). And scrap thread.
2. I freed up over half dozen bobbins
3. Great for environment

What’s not:
1. No boy fabrics because I mainly sew for girls.

Other notes:
While making these I had two thoughts:
1. These would have been the bomb back when my children were younger (snacked more). They are not big snackers and often their snacks come naturally wrapped these days. I decided to make anyway as they could use them to hold other items like flash cards. And it would help me do something useful with these scraps.
2. For snacking pouches I would only use cotton as who knows what is really in the synthetic stuff and or that wipe-able stuff. Plus it’s made with scraps. Just Toss it in wash. When raggedy just trash it.
Make that three thoughts:
3. You see the bigger pouch with Asian print? Well that’s synthetic. Def was going to be a misc holder. But then I had this vision while I was constructing it so I lined it in cotton. I saw my daughter at her volunteer/community service gig sitting with her peers pulling it out of her bag and taking out a homemade sandwich on homemade wheat bread (if only we still had eggs from our own chickens) WHILE trying to figure out if she is concerned with what they would think of her. All the while hearing me in her head saying something like:
😜Rep yo hood, you can’t hide that you a homeschooling hippy from northern Cali. Be proud, be strong, be brave
😾At least you got, yes got, food let alone something to wrap it in
πŸ˜‡In my calm just came from bikram yoga voice telling her to have the courage to be different.

Hhhmm she doesn’t read all my posts. Hopefully she doesn’t read this one.πŸ˜†

Seriously tho

They are used to using recyclable lunch stuff so not a huge leap.

Cool easy project. You should try it.


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