Native Tourist:Perot Science Museum

Today, after completing the traditional part of our school work, we ventured off to the Perot Science Center. Glad we stuck with schedule and did work first since when we got there, after 2pm, we were told we just missed the 1000+ folks by an employee that was super excited to see us.
Anyway, I didn’t take a bunch of photos because I was busy playing learning.



There were a lot of cool things we got to experience and do. I guess I will pick the top four as not to draw this thing out.
1. Peace had been admiring this building since our arrival in Texas, not knowing it was the museum so it was super cool when we got there and all had an OOHHH moment.
2. I think the Sports exhibit was our favorite. At least of the portion we got to explore. We arrived late and took our time as we know we would be back. Yep. We got a membership. 😎 today members only were allowed to stay until 9pm. But we weren’t properly prepared for all that so we left with the normal folk at 5.

Since I’m already on the mend I reluctantly sat these races out. 😭
For y’all that know me. Yes it was hard.

3. The Boy and I are doing a unit on weather so their weather exhibit was great.


Going to stick with 4.
4. The gift shop. For those that used to follow my old blog on blogger know that I try not to do box science kits.
science kits
Here I liked the t-shirts.



Peace really liked this one due to her mishaps during experiments.

There is so much more I could add but this is plenty. I’m not saying the museum is “all that” but …
-it was our first time in a museum in what seems like Fa Ever for us so we were ready
-learning Is fun
-“attitude determines altitude”



7 thoughts on “Native Tourist:Perot Science Museum

  1. Awesome experience!! Earlier this week we went to the AZ Science Center which was GREAT! Went on our free pass from the library too!! Didn’t take many pics either but can’t wait to go back!

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