First Beekeepers


As The Boy and I were reading for his history lesson we read about Egyptians being the first Beekeepers, which inspired me to add to the disaster prep series I am doing (slowly but surely).
We read this quote,”they put honey in food, applied honey to wounds, and offered honey as a gift to their gods.”
It made me smile to hear The Boy recounting on times it was used to heal and why we try to keep some on hand. So here are a few facts, not exhaustive, about why you should keep RAW honey around.
🐝Anti microbial
🐝 Antiviral
🐝 Putting honey on burns and cuts speeds up healing time. You can pack deep wounds with honey. (Better than hydrogen peroxide which causes trauma to the skin. It reduces bacteria BUT not great for the skin. Honey naturally has a minor amount of hydrogen peroxide without damaging the skin.)
🐝Beeswax is also good to have on hand. As it helps lock in moisture, great sealant. Protects skin from environmental damage, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, germicidal antioxidant.
🐝Propolis too. I can’t flow from the dome about propolis tho. Google it 😉

Hhmm now which medicinal recipe to share.
One of my favorites. Now y’all know I don’t know precise measurements as when I learned this it called for dry ingredients but the dry ingredient way to make was too pasty & gritty for us so we went with fresh. And we would tweak depended on mood, supplies, and how sickly others were around us. Praise God those things rarely effect us. Maybe because of the honey medicine we concoct during the winter months😊 (and trying to eat right of of course.)

🐝Infused Ginger Cinnamon Honey🐝
•A bunch of fresh ginger. If you like spicy add more. I guess at least 1tbsp
•2 tbsp cinnamon
•1 cup honey

Let sit @ least 7 days and turn frequently. You can strain but that requires patience.

Oh if you use about 2 tbsp of this mixture you can make a tea.

It is recommended to always have some on hand. Gives energy, gets digestive flowing, great for cold and flu.

We have also added garlic, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, & lemon. And less honey sometimes too. I can’t take it when too sweet.

Play with it.
Oh and of course local honey is best. That can be another post In itself. But this is already long.
If you are interested in reading about The Boy catching his first (and only as of now swarm) The Boy and The Bees




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