Missing My Big Bro

Hope he doesn’t mind me posting this pic but only one I have in my phone.

There is so much I could say about our bond. I don’t think we have had any bouts of being upset or not speaking to each other. Of course we got upset with one another as children but it was never anything long lasting. Give or take an hour. Praise God!
We are both starting new chapters in our lives and have been talking much more again. The last few days I find myself looking at his picture. Praying that things work for him. I’m proud and excited for him.
I don’t even know if he knows I have a blog. Maybe I will send him this link.
Love you bro. & Miss you.
We may have to do another family trip. Jazzy would love a southern road trip with her cousins. Or an east coast adventure. Hmmm


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