That Got Me Going


I thought I was going to relax for a bit. Read a few blogs and maybe get back up to toil or maybe not.
Well what had happened was… I plopped on my bed read the first blog (see above).
I must admit I calculated in my head to be certain. 100 days is a short time. And I was trying to figure out why it mattered as I don’t do the whole New Years resolution thing. Well not the traditional. I do it on my bday. But I kinda did one. I think. I liked seeing all the sewing blogs with their completed projects from the year so I got right back up and got busy.




I made the shirt last week and pants and head thingy today. She likes 👍
Then I retried on the shirt I made for myself last week


Still hate it. So the fabric will be repurposed. Not sure into what yet tho.

I need to check my sewing goals for September, but I think I have achieved them all.
I have sewn or helped to sew a few other things this month as well. Maybe will show at a later date.
This is all for the night.


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