Native Tourists: Museums

We have been museum hopping. I could prob do a post on all of them separately but ummmm not sure when all would be completed. So here is a quick overview.
African American Museum (Dallas):
It was great. Favorite part was the freedman memorial exhibit, particularly the videos. No pictures allowed.
I also was struck by this card board exhibit


The Samurai Collection (Dallas)
Amazing. There is a knife/tool shop in Berkeley, called Hida. Their tools are amazing. On my wish list. I would use when with my veteran gardening folks. Anyway, this museum gave me the understanding/history behind why their products are so good.


I was also feeling the face masks.

Houston’s Children Museum
Granted it was a zoo due to a weekend visit but it was fun. Glad I got to take my son. The girls went when younger and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not so much this time. But he did. Right on the cusp of being too old for it.

Not sure of fav part but was digging playing him in the math challenges in the cyber chase exhibit.

Health Museum (Houston)
This museum was really cool. We didn’t explore as long as we wanted to but hopefully we will go back again since age appropriate for all.

Real pig lungs. Black one is a pack a day (cigarettes) & other is normal.

Good times!


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