I don’t care for selfies. You know, when you take a picture of yourself posing some kinda way. They seem rather…. . You fill in the blank. I actually don’t like posed pictures either. I prefer good candid shots.
Moving on. With all these forms of social media it seems that I need to get into selfies so I can post a picture or do what I hate doing and shove a camera in someone’s (read my children) hands and tell ask them to snap away while I pretend to not be uncomfortable for asking someone to take my picture.
Or I can just put up pix of my children as I am, like most moms, usually the one behind the camera phone snapping away.

So if you see corny, mad, fake looking pictures of me as my profile pic just know I’m feeling uncomfy and this will have to do until I get a candid RECENT picture of me dawning my headpiece. Something like this

But that was 6.5 years ago.


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