A Little More Southern

We were recently blessed to take a trip further south. We made stops in Baton Rouge

At a science center. It was kinda wack but our pass let us in for free.
New Orleans

In front of the Mississippi River

Beautiful artwork in French Quarter. We were all drawn to it.

Just one of many.
This is where I’m singing Dollar Day aka Katrina Clap by Mos Def

Black owned grocery store
Also supported a black owned gas station.
Then we headed over to Mobile, Al.

We had a good time at science center before we headed up to Montgomery, Al.

We got to see a cousin that I hadn’t seen since I was their age. Obviously it was their first time meeting her. She showed us a great time. We are grateful. We took a trolley around city and made stops at Rosa Parks museum, stop where she was arrested, and spot where slaves were auctioned.

We also spent some time in Tuskegee for the 18th anniversary of the Million Man March. And explored the University.
It was a good trip and now we are back home trying to get back in the grove of things. I know I haven’t finished processing the trip. One thought I did have while driving home was that this trip definitely reminded me that I’m from Northern Cali. Similar to the feeling I got when I was in Ghana doing yard work with a machete….those callouses reminded me of how american I am. Or when in a “farmers'” market in London and an older black lady stopped me to confirm that I wasn’t from there. “You different. Your walk.” And she moved on.

For the record, last year at Alemany Farms in San Francisco, Ca I used a machete to do yard work. Was flooded with flAshbacks.


4 thoughts on “A Little More Southern

    • PbtA. Thanks sis T we also stopped by mosque in NOLA but I was super wack on the camera. Beautiful. And a lot of history. I need to add that to main blog. I literally just went off the few pictures I have in phone.

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