Today was one of those days where I really could have passed on school work with the children.
Ideally I would have stayed cuddled in bed and read Up From Slavery
That didn’t happen but I had a decent day. The younger two and I got most of our work done fairly early. I did forget to do science with the boy. We were supposedly going to do it after the bike ride once i realized we skipped it. Didn’t happen.
I let the oldest one toil on her own. I didn’t bother to check over her work/progress. I really hope I won’t be disappointed tomorrow when I do.
We rode our bikes to run errands. I got in my head a few weeks ago that anything within 5-10 mile radius we will either be walking or riding bikes. They always opt for bikes. And complain as we prepare for the adventure. But like the young folks say, “whatevs.”

Faith and I also got some crafting done. I made a bag for someone. Totally forgot to take a picture before wrapping it up. Oh well. Watched a decent documentary as well. Talked on the phone way longer than normal, which cut into my reading time. And now, tho not tired, without reading, I’m going to try to sleep.
Good Night


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