What’s Under Your Seat

Today was yet a new adventure. As I was going back in forth in my mind as to what to wear I settled on very casual…sweats and a T. As I was rushing out the house I instinctively grabbed the toe shoes.
(They are comfy and I planned to exercise after this sooo.)
On the freeway I began to question the toe shoes.

My husband knowing I missed my toe shoes replaced them with these bright ones in hopes that I wouldn’t wear as much. It worked for a while but not anymore. I’ve considered making a few outfits around them.
Anyway, I decided not to wear them. And what saved me is that in some disaster prep book I read it said that you should keep a spare pair of shoes under your seat. Obviously I listened.


Though this was far from an emergency, the shoes (and socks) under seat have come in handy yet again.

What’s under your seat?


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