Ms Pacman

I ventured into a laundromat near my home today. I actually liked it. Not just because my face lit up when I saw the functioning Ms Pacman game.

I put my stuff in machine and debated on reading or ms Pacman reading or ms Pacman. Ok y’all, ms Pacman won. I told myself only one game tho. So I popped the quarter in for nostalgia sake. No goals or anything. As I’m over there handling business (lol) LEO, the security guard came midgame to tell me how much he enjoys the game and back home in Liberia blah blAh blah . Good convo until he then says,”you’re pretty good. Can you beat that score? It’s mine.”
Ohh buddy, are you trying to challenge me? I hadn’t even looked at the high score. I looked and said, “probably if that was goal. I would have done a few things differently.”
He laughed and continued to watch and add commentary. It was fun.
Nonetheless, I didn’t beat his score but got pretty close. He then popped in a quarter. I went to read. It was tempting to stay and do battle, but I had reading to do.



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