House Guests

I do believe we have averaged at least one house guest each month since our arrival in the Big D. (Yes I could go back and tally but not that serious). Anyway, this is more than we have had in years while living in the Bay. I don’t believe we have any more lined up for this year.

So I guess we can focus our attention on finishing up semester goals. I wouldn’t mind completing them ahead of schedule as I really need to prep for next semester. And we are probably going to tweak some things yet again.

This semester went well according to me and children, but we do want to spice it up. And drop a class or two. And add a class or two. The Boy wants me to spearhead a class for his age range. We are dialoging a few possibilities. The younger two are enrolled in a live online Spanish class….”hated it.” They have opted to do Spanish with me, their non-fluent mom. I have agreed so that means I need to do some prep work and find outside activities. I won’t go into other subjects as this would be LONG. Me no like long posts. Point is I need some prep time. So sooner we finish these goals. The sooner I get to prepping.

Oh wait, y’all haven’t heard T, this is not where I start singing that the bird is the word. School at the house is actual work, tho I try not to just do school at home model. I do believe it will get easier as they get older. At least it should.

The Boy (who just made a year older) with his Dad. Too short to drive himself, too big for smaller cars.


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