Two Books

I just got the idea to recommend two books:
college without high school

5 love languages

One of my fav things is reading a good book and discussing. So if you have read either of these and want to converse. Let’s do it.

I must admit there were initially three books but I forgot the third…that quick.


2 thoughts on “Two Books

  1. I’ve read the “The Five Love Languages”. (Original and kids. I thought there was a spouse specific one too? Hmm – can’t remember now?) It was a bit discouraging that I couldn’t figure out my boys’ since they were all still about 8 and under, but as they got older it made more sense watching them. It’s also helped with my husband and MIL. Neither of which speak my language. It’s a great book to do with small groups or friends. It helps to get to know each other and to better serve their needs. It helps to understand yourself a bit more too. I lend it out and recommend it frequently.

    • I totally agree that it is helpful in all relationships. We had our children take the test as well. That was some time ago. We should all do it again as it seems we may need reminders 😉

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