Where to begin? I’m generally not a shopper. Never really have been, but worse since my conscious efforts to dress modestly, & i must add girly to the clause. I didn’t really dress immodestly before but just know there was is room for improvement, esp in girly department.
anyway, a friend gave me some pants. I really like the pants.
Backtrack, I haven’t purchased clothing in a long time. I haven’t participated in the make your own for a year sewing challenge because I’m not there yet. BUT subconsciously since learning to sew I don’t buy clothes. DUH I can sew make that. Well the problem is I haven’t. So my wardrobe is on a downward spiral….fast these days. So I just was thinking fine, buy a few pieces to last you until you actual make yourself some stuff.
Here is where the pants came in. A friend gave me some pants. I like them so I went online so I can just replicate. You know, if not broke don’t fix it. Well in this particular brand the pants are well over $100 for one pair. (I would tell you brand but I don’t do free advertising). Well I am not paying that much for one pair of pants when, DUH I can make that myself.
I have a few projects that I hope to complete by the end of this year in hopes to start sewing for myself in the new year. I hope my gear can hang on a few more months.



9 thoughts on “Pants

  1. I know what you mean here! I haven’t bought clothes in a long while either! Not even from my normal shopping spot (you know which one)! It’s so hard to buy when you can make! What’s the sewing challenge about? I’m interested!

    • In blog world various folks set up challenges and invite others to join in. Can be anything from sew something red in October, a particular pattern, or sew your own wardrobe for a year. And of course you can set goals comfy to U. Another one that interest me is me made. So some say where something once a week made by your own hands while others pick a specific day of week. It’s all totally open but inspiring. Oh and pictures are usually shared. Maybe we can choose something and do together.

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