Baby Gifts


A friend of mine is due to have her first child soon. I decided to make her a few gifts. First time ever making infant stuff.
Anyway, I need your assistance. The only thing I have left to do is figure out how to close the bibs. Parents out there, what do you prefer? Snaps or Velcro.
Please comment soon as I would like to get this package in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.
Much appreciated!



5 thoughts on “Baby Gifts

  1. I don’t doubt your friend will be thrilled to receive such thoughtful gifts that were handmade with love. Myvote is for velcro for the younger years.

    • Glad u like. I think I decided on snaps. Mainly because when I first asked that is what people said. And because I have snaps in my stash and no Velcro. Some complained about lint getting stuck in Velcro and not working as well. And mothers not wanting to pick the lint out.
      My children weren’t big bib wearers so I don’t have a preference.

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