Rolled Color, Standing Collar, & Flat Collars. Those are the three basic collar types. As I procrastinate I was looking at sewing patterns and kept noticing that I was having the same thought, pattern after pattern,”That would be cute without the collar.” The only collars I seem to like are standing collars. I have never made a mandarin collar. I believe that is what they are called.

Or variations of this style.
Wondering if I will continue to rock collars even on me-made clothes or just let them go.
Makes me wonder why I don’t like them.
Anyway, going to force myself to move on with my day.
Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Collars

  1. Now how are you going to “pop ya collar” if you don’ t have one? Jk. I must say you have inspired me to start sewing God willing I hope to start this weekend. Any suggestions on something to begin with?

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