By the evening I was easily annoyed. My 3 angels (Peace, Faith, & The Boy) were not acting too angelic. The bickering, pre-occupied with technology to really do what was asked of them, and I guess the excitement of getting to interact with their dad (he was out of town) just had them a little (more) off than usual. And it didn’t help that I was “tired”.
Anyway, my husband did a great job of still smiling through it all. There was no yelling or anything BUT i was obviously annoyed and when he asked why, the younger two started right in bickering. (lol now!) Providing the perfect example. so despite him not permitting me to leave the table as soon as I wanted 😩 to go be alone (and mad and disappointed) the night went well. He even liked my simple meal that i was feeling guilty for making. Was thinking i should have made something that showed more love. You know that i had been slaving in the kitchen all day, excited about his arrival. (fyi: we had fieldtrip first half of day, home to cook & do a little hw, then soccer practice, then airport, then home to cook more, so yea ur girl was working). We eventually wrapped up that portion of the night, me still acting cranky (don’t judge). I knew I was “off” but couldn’t shake it. Anyway, I went to sleep in a better mood as he totally wrecked my adult tantrum by tormenting me by picking apart my every word and making me play silly guessing games. 😍
Good to have him home.
Oh and dinner:Navy Bean Soup, grilled salmon, black rice, salad, Steamed broccoli. And homemade wheat bread for those that wanted even more starch.

Now To Get To Work
Have a great day y’all!


2 thoughts on “Annoyed

  1. I hate feeling annoyed and everyone around me is in their own happy place. I am happy though that I’m more aware of when this happens and try to analyze it rather than think it’s justified.
    Your dinner sounds way better than mine 🙂

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