Knee Deep

In horse shit! As I read “Up From Slavery” and already in a reflective mood I can’t help but wonder where I have went wrong.
My children have experienced “hard” work to a certain extent, but I don’t believe they like it or value it. Almost seems like they would avoid it at all cost. Drives me nuts to always have to motivate them to do stuff they say they even wanna do. I just don’t see the drive, the passion, the aggressiveness, the determination in them to “Do Hard Things” on their own. Enough about them as by American standards they are still young and maybe, just maybe, it will all kick in later.
Until then I guess I will try to keep my fecal matter coagulated and keep my task master hat on.

The title of this blog was sparked as my daughter, Peace, just yesterday was reminiscing about the time I had her knee deep with me shoveling a HOT pile of horse manure. 💩
No she didn’t want to go.
She def didn’t want to step in.
And she sho nuff didn’t want to be shoveling it.
But lo and behold about a year ago when asked what was one of her favorite times with me she had the biggest smile on her face reluctant to admit that it was the time we shoveled horse s#!+.

In my Dory voice, “just keep swimming swimming swimming”
dory just keep swimming


3 thoughts on “Knee Deep

  1. I don’t know how old your kids are, but I bet more of your attitude is transferring itself to them than you think. You value hard work and I think you will see that value in them as well when they are older. 🙂

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