The Boy has reached the halfway mark of being legal. I think it is time to stop calling him The Boy. We have agreed on Rashaad.
Here are a few pix of him. There are a few I wanted to include but getting from one gadget to another this is what will be.

The haircut. I could have cried because it really seemed as if He had grown up in a matter of moments. He was no longer my untamed, red haired baby.

Headed to Millions More Movement

His dad, his Legos, ready for mosque. All things he enjoys.

His sisters. He loves them dearly, although he always feels outnumbered. “This right here…it’s not fair!”

I love me some him. He adds a unique flavor to our home and the world. He has taught me a new way to love. And stretched (is stretching) my interests.


6 thoughts on “Rashaad

  1. How beautiful!! Seeing you with him on your back reminds me of the way you looked when we first met at that NCAAHA activity in that park in San Leandro, You looked so cute and so young! You were sitting on the grass, I think, and he was in your arms. Your girls were standing near you, watching everything. How time has flown…It’s true that boys teach you a new way to love. I was always tripping off the way my baby boy was so happy all the time–pure joy just to run around the house and slide on the floors. His happiness energized me. He was so different than his serious sister. But now at 17 he’s serious as well, and I miss the silly little boy we used to pick up and tickle.

  2. OMG I so remember the haircut!!! :,,,,,,( He’s come a long way since those days! You all have! Now I’m feeling all sentimental! Love y’all!

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