Sewing: Success & Failure

Tried to make my self something….fail

Attempted to alter

Still fail.
Peace told me to put my head up

Then I attempted to make Faith a simple garment

Success…praise God! I wish I took a picture of her at the mosque today. She looked stunning. But I forgot.


Please go to Economic Blueprint to End Poverty & Want and donate today. “If everyone does a little no one has to do a lot.”
*.5 a day is painless. ($18.20 a year)


4 thoughts on “Sewing: Success & Failure

  1. Great post! I think your mind hasn’t completely wrapped around your new and improved size! Gotta rewire to sew a size 4 or whatever tiny size you are now! 😉

    • Hilarity!
      1. I have lost weight but not that much as my bust & hips are meaduring same 😦 (waist too. Still rocking same garments from 2006 🙂 just not as snug as they have been past few years (yaaay)
      2. I need to figure out how to taper patterns without buttons. Every time I try to make it looks gross in stomach area. 6 inches diff from bust to waist. 12 from waist to hips. I am planning to get someone else with more skills to try just so I can see/know it can be done.
      3. Trying to wrap my mind around sculpting my body again. Not sure which approach I want to take. Looking forward to those results 🙂 now to just make up my mind

  2. You are making nice progress. Great job with Nadia’s outfit! Looks like maybe if you fold some of the excess out of the shoulder in the pattern, you will have good success with your project for yourself.
    Off to find a link with instructions!

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