Sewing: Full Bust Adjustment

So my online sewing mentor has declared that the smaller size fits me perfectly, minus the need to do a bust adjustment.
Ok y’all despite the fact that I know my bust are full I’ve been running from learning how to do it. After trying one size up. (If you didn’t see the disaster just view the previous post) I guess I must submit.
Now the question is when. When will I make/take the time to learn this much needed alteration?

If you know if any good videos that teaches you how to do it, please share.


7 thoughts on “Sewing: Full Bust Adjustment

  1. This way may work for you: 1. Make another version of the smaller one. 2. Open the seam over the bust. 3. You will see that the seams will open up where more fabric is needed. 4. Fill the open spaces with scrap fabric. 5. Take off the garment and re-draw the stitching lines. 6. Add seam allowances to the new stitching lines.

    That’s faster than altering the pattern with a traditional fba, which takes me forever.
    I learned that technique from Susan Khalje’s Craftsy class. A lot of the class is pretty involved. Maybe there’s a YouTube video on the technique…

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