Today I was transported to another space & time through music.
You see, I’m a Cali girl. Born and raised in various parts of Northern Cali, college in Southern Cali (L.A.), then back to Northern Cali.
Well today when I popped the earbuds in, turned on Pandora (Outcast radio) to keep me entertained while I sewed I never would have thought this to be the rotation. However for about an hour it seemed like nothing played but California artist (Tupac, Dre, Snoop, etc). Songs that clearly represented the Bay & LA. Man, clearly represented a different time in my life. Made me appreciate my journey while I bopped my head and rapped along.
I’m sure people not from Cali vibe with the music BUT I know it touches a different place when you from there. It even warmed me physically as it is COLD in Dallas right now. I could feel the LA sun as I recalled being at Venice Beach, Leimert Park, or in Watts listening to these same tunes. Man, the memories.
Anyway, this was today’s creation.


6 thoughts on “Transported

    • Thanks T! Only modification was seam down front middle skirt cuz I forgot to cut on fold of fabric. I hadn’t sewn with this fabric in quite some time. It sewed up extremely quickly and she has decided she actually likes it so… . I wonder how long it would have taken if I not spent what seemed to be an hour taking the zipper out after first try šŸ™‚

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