“Where’s Rashaad?”

Just got an email notification that Rashaad’s book he requested is ready for pick up.
Reminds me of a great story I forgot to relay to him.
Yesterday while I was running errands I returned his books for him. I decided to bring them into the library. As I was about to drop them in the slot the library called me over and with such a warm and loving smile (I think after seeing what I was returning. He has a distinct book selection.) asked, “Where’s Rashaad?”
Ok. That super warmed my heart that our librarian knows my son by name.
He then relayed a story of why Rashaad is so memorable in his mind. it wasn’t any if the ones that instantly ran through my mind.
Needless to say, that brightened my day yesterday and now today.
Here is where I would put this cool picture I have of Rashaad coming out of basketball practice with a basketball in one hand and a stack of books in the other. But on a different device.
Have a blessed day ya’ll!

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