2 Lectures Later

Two lectures (The Reality of the Mother Plane & Respite Me Until the Day They Are Raised) & I guess about an hour I completed this.


It wasn’t as enjoyable as the last pattern I made her which was surprising because they are very similar. I can’t say that I won’t ever make it again but we both prefer the previous pattern.

A few glitches occurred along the way.
1. The zipper. I prefer invisible zippers these days. I put them in everything and this one called, like most patterns for a regular zipper. I put invisible zippers in interesting but it works. Usually have to do it first. With this pattern I couldn’t quite figure out how to make my way work. In hindsight I guess I could have searched the Internet but I didn’t. Ended up just doing zipper last and like a regular zipper.
2. The interfacing pieces were missing from pattern so I decided to use bias tape. Of course I didn’t have in a matching color but told myself if I did it right no one would be able to tell. It came out correctly. Yaah.

I think that’s it. She likes it. That’s all that matters…right?


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