Body Butter

It worked this go round. I’m sure due to the change in weather. If you want to read about my first attempt in Texas.

I started making this years ago when my girls began swimming. The chlorine was very harsh on their skin and i didn’t like using petroleum jelly aka vaseline so i did a little research and began experimenting.
So here is the process. I don’t use a recipe. All ingredients can be used independently so doesn’t really matter. Plus I tend to change it up based on perceived need/season.

Melting shea butter with indirect heat as not to pasteurize.

Dumping the other ingredients into mixer. You can put liquid in first too. Whatever floats your boat.

“Whip It! Whip Good!”

I cover it cuz cleaning it off walls is not fun.

That’s it.
Y’all know me. K.I.S.S. (keep it simple sweetie)


9 thoughts on “Body Butter

  1. Other ingredients for inquiring minds: cocoa butter and coconut oil.
    You can also add essential oils for smell. And I have also wanted to try to put jojoba oil but i have yet to try it.
    Basically just whip up a bunch of good stuff.

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