Blog Anniversary

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of this blog. It crossed my mind to give gifts to 3 people kinda at random. I was thinking categories but i had no idea who would fit the description. After looking at the stats to find the winners it really came as no surprise.
So here are the categories:
💬Most comments
This category came to mind first because it helps to not feel like you are talking to yourself. Big thanks to all those that take the extra effort to comment or like the post. Winner in this category is tonja. Tho Eden was a close second.

💌 First Follower via Email
This category is a confidence booster as you want to know as soon as I post a bit of randomness. Winner here is Victoria

💻First Follower via WordPress
Same as above but this would prob be a “stranger” but it’s not. It’s Kristin She actually had a lot to do with me coming to WordPress.

So the question is what would you like?
🎁Tonja I was thinking of sending you the pattern you wanted tho I was going to do that anyway 🙂
🎁Vic what you want?
🎁Kristin what would you like?

Y’all know the type of stuff I do or can do just let me know. Or I will surprise you with something.

And a big thanks to everyone for reading and commenting. I checked the stats and they are pretty good.

May God Continue To Bless Us All!

13 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary

  1. Yaaaaaay!!! I won!!! You just shared that you successfully whipped up a batch of that wonderful body butter! Looks like they make great gifts! 😉 I excitedly can’t wait for my pattern btw! I’m going to buy fabric this week! Gotta make her a white! Anywho thank you, thank you!!!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. It is not easy sometimes to be so consistent with blogging – but here you are one year later. It is always a fun or informative read.

  3. Zowie, what a way to make my day! Surprise me, please.

    BTW: I admire how consistently you post; and the variety of your content is interesting. Also, this blog looks so professional compared to the Blogger one. I’m glad we both made the move to WordPress.

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