It’s Been A Few Years


Throwback photos.
When we were packing to move I found these pix and knew that I would post on the blog this day in 2014. As most of my friends that know me from way back when say,”and they still together.”

We were each supposed to pick 7 songs. Someone picked more but I tried to stick to script.

Stevie wonder you and I

Bruno Mars-locked out of heaven

erykah badu- love of my life

Dre & snoop–deep cover

Outcast-13th floor

robin thicke- lost without you

outcast-get up get out and get something

Anita Baker- you belong to me

Steele Pulse-your house

kindred the family soul-stars

d’angelo- you’re my lady

Stevie wonder- make sure you’re sure

Anita baker- been so long
faith-aint nobody

Mary j blige- can’t live w/o you

Janet Jackson- I get lonely


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