So here I am again tinkering with making laundry detergent. I have been making it almost exclusively for the past 2.5 years. I was stuck on the liquid, but now I want to switch to powder.
Mainly because less hassle and also easier to store and transport.

Plus about a month ago I was out of liquid, but I had the supplies so I put them in dry. I was like a bit of this, a dash of that, a hint of this and voila it was working. I did feel kinda lazy though. So I made another (presumably my last) batch of liquid with the thought to make powder the next go round.
So I did. We shall see how this goes. It was quick and easy.



3 thoughts on “Detergent

  1. I was never so fortunate to learn your recipe or buy a bottle. :-/ All the recipes I’ve come across and I still haven’t made any. Sad.

    • It took me a minute tho I had only seen one recipe while looking for something else. It was in the subconscious to do list at least a year before I did it so you will. Be patient with self. I’m trying to learn that too. As I told myself that next week I MUST try sis T deodorant recipe. 😉 Inshallah I will do one thing a week that i have been meaning to do for next 3 weeks. Join me in my quest to not feel like a “has-been”

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