A friend of mine came across a disaster prep 30 day challenge blog post and sent it to me thinking, “this has Erika written all over it.” Not knowing that I used to do monthly challenges.
This is when that quote, “back when I was in band camp… .” Comes to my mind. I forget what probably really stupid movie it was from but there was a girl that constantly talked about the stuff she used to do. I really don’t have that problem externally because although I may think often times about all the stuff I used to do I don’t need others to think of me as a “has-been” đŸ˜ª so I usually keep my “band camp” stories kinda bottled in. I digressed.
Nonetheless the challenge inspired me to set up a few monthly challenges of my own. And you guessed it, the first one starts today. (By the way, Happy February!)
So I’m going to start off fairly easy. Every day this month I have to write down 5 very specific things I’m grateful for. A gratitude journal.
Feel free to join me.
“If the only prayer you said was thank you that would be enough.”


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