Me just being E




Activated Charcoal has many uses. one of which is a natural teeth whitener. i first heard of it at a crunchy people meet up group. We were talking about something. Oil pulling with coconut oil came up. I mentioned my teeth seemed brighter/whiter since i had started but that i had no proof as i didn’t think to take before & after photos.
Anyway, it was mentioned that activated charcoal is also a natural teeth whitener. i took a mental note and finally got around to researching it and obviously trying it out. These photos aren’t the greatest but I don’t think much difference between the before & after. I think i may to try to apply a different way next go round.
What y’all think?
And if you have experience with oil pulling OR activated charcoal feel free to leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “Me just being E

  1. Great to hear you’re trying this! I want to try this and oil pulling! Oil pulling because I hear it restores your teeth including healing cavities! As you may recall my toothpaste is coconut oil based and that’s as close as I’ve gotten. I worry about the oil clogging my drain too. Have you heard of this? Anywho I have to try the activated charcoal soon! Thanks!

    • I enjoy oil pulling, although I haven’t been in a consistent flow since being here. When I did for about 3 months straight the 2 benefits I noticed the most were healthier gums and whiter/brighter teeth. I also enjoyed the silence of doing it for twenty minutes every morning. It was a form of meditation. I spit my coconut based stuff in garbage as not to worry about sinks.

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