The Canning Jar

I had been contemplating doing a blog post on the canning jar but decided against it because well, kinda corny.
But then when I opened the boardgame cabinet and saw a canning jar I knew I had to.

I haven’t actually canned in a minute but the canning jar is a must to have around the house. I have noticed there is at least one in every room. So even if you are not canning yet here are some good uses for canning jars.

💥To hold misc game pieces that don’t get put away properly. (Hence the jar in the boardgame cabinet)
💥Toothbrush holder
💥Concoction holder (deodorant, body butter, lip chap, toothpaste, laundry detergent)
💥Give gifts in
💥let folks take home some stuff in (this needed its own bullet because sometimes you really do want the jars back. You know those friends that want refills on stuff… ESP free refills 😉)
💥Cups… May seem country but don’t act like you ain’t know. Some folks even get fancy with it.

💥To hold your seasoning
💥To hold your beans and what not. I use the half gallon size. I pretty much try not to use plastic.
💥To hold liquid concoctions.
💥Homemade jam
💥Sewing stuff like zippers & buttons
I think this is enough. Y’all get it. Get you some canning jars. Learn to can and have something reusable to hold all your stuff in.
I’m bored with this post but I really do like and am grateful for the canning jar. Such a simple yet great invention.


6 thoughts on “The Canning Jar

  1. I was just reading something or another about 100 uses of mason jars! There’s something I’m supposed to do with them! I think I’ll make quick jam! 🙂

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