Went to bed with a lot on my mind. Woke up with Closing the Gap on my mind. The pages that I just had to read were 37-41. And I wanted to share as I found the reading very helpful on a few levels. However, I can’t share it all so I’m stuck trying to figure out which part(s) to share.
“A period of transition is the most difficult period in human development, for during periods of transition the life that is in transition is not where it was, and it is not where it is intended to be. So such periods of time are always very dangerous for the life that is in transition.”
“We are constantly in stages of growth, and between each stage is a transitional stage. This is the most dangerous part of the journey, because many things CAN (emphasis mine) get lost in transition.”
“During this period of transition, those who watch the man in transition may have a tendency to be judgmental. They are not sure of where he is. They are not sure of where he is going. The only thing they understand is where they were, and the level of comfort they had where they were.”
“This can sentence them to stand where they were, then misjudge the man in transition before he gets to where God wants him to go. This disallows them to travel with the man who is in transition. Therefore, they stop in the process of growth toward perfection and the process of death begins for the individual or the group.”
“Holy Quran: ‘Seek assistance through patience and prayer.’ Why patience? Because if we are impatient with a man in transition, we will make a judgment, and if we are locked into that judgment by our emotional attachment to our own sense of what is right, based upon what we believe we understand of the divine message, then our judgment will sentence us to death.”


“Faith will allow you to have patience where you do not understand exactly what you are looking at or are not aware of what you are looking at, which is in transition.”
“It was difficult for him to have patience with that of which he had no comprehensive knowledge.”

There is a lot I omitted. I try to do short and sweet posts. This is long enough. Get the book. Great read. Link above. I will continue to marinate on this and where if fits within my journey at this particular time.



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