Benefit of School at the House

In science we were supposed to be doing anatomy BUT we ditched that to make remineralizing toothpaste.
Well see what had happened was… ☺
I had been having toothpaste making on my to do list for way long. So realizing that I wouldn’t get it done anytime soon I decided to use school time. Hey, there are benefits to homeschooling.
So we had our two recipes out and I let them choose the one they wanted to try. And yayyy they chose different ones so both are off the to do list.





This isn’t the cheapest experiment but so far so good. And I guess it’s not surprising that I prefer the simpler recipe.
Oh! Faith convinced me to use orange to flavor it. She likes but herummm I think I will stick to peppermint or something like that next go round.

Thinking I may need to start labeling my concoctions. There are a few more in drawer. Obviously I know what they are but just in case.

Am I turning into the happy scientist?


2 thoughts on “Benefit of School at the House

  1. So cool! The last batch I made, I flavored mine with cinnamon and hubby’s with peppermint. I ended up using his after awhile! :-/

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