Yesterday my crew & I were blessed to participate in a 5k.
We had a great time.
I feel blessed that we are healthy enough to participate in such an event.
And big thanks to Coach Johnson for inviting us.

He led the warm up and boy was it fun and funny.




6 thoughts on “5k

  1. Nice. It appears that your first born has eclipsed you in height. Sigh. I remember holding both daughters on my lap, lol. Well congrats on being blessed enough to see the day they all got to complete a 5k! Good work, Mama. Thanks for taking such good care of these beautiful young ones.

    • My dear sweet Eden!!!!! Salaam! So good to hear from you.
      Yes, it is beyond official she has surpassed me in the height category. #2 will shortly as well by the looks of it. Hey, I’ll settle for being short and sweet. (Working on the sweet part. 😊)

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