The Sandlot

The year was 1990. Imagine this lot full of young boys, black boys, playing baseball. They ranged in age from about 10 & up. Then you see two girls posted on the outside, one girl is trying to get in the game. Begging. Pleading. But they wouldn’t let her. (Said girl had just finished traveling with her all-star team, was itching for a game, & had just moved back in the hood.) Nonetheless, a young man is walking down the street book in hand looking very geeky studious. He catches tomgirl attention with that book in his hand. But she goes back to watching the game that she so badly wants in on. As bookboy passes lot he asked if he could get a hit. They let him. And what do you know…he could hit. Effortlessly. Tomgirl then asks, “who is that?” (He smart and an athlete….hmmm interest is peeked)
To be continued….. NOT!
But it was good seeing the lot that holds such a fond memory. My cousin also lived next door to lot. Being in my old neighborhood so many memories flooded my brain.

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