When Life Gives You

Laying here reflecting on the quote, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade.”
Truth be told I don’t really like lemonade. But there are a bunch of other reasons I like lemons. Actually a little bitter that I actually have to pay for them since moving to TX. In Cali there were always lemon trees and folks more than willing to share. You don’t think about how many lemons you actually use until you are paying for them. But I digress.
Nonetheless, it is obvious from this post I’ve been given a few lemons recently. Just trying to figure out what useful product will become of them.


8 thoughts on “When Life Gives You

  1. Rodney says when life gives you lemons, give them back! He says you don’t have to accept them! You can request strawberries or oranges! Make what you will of this! By the way I looooove lemons! Thankfully they’re plentiful here!

    • Yea I’ve heard that. Tell cuzzo I thought he would come with something a little more authentic. 😉 lemons are an astringent. I could write a paper on the benefits of astringents. Just walk down a cosmetic aisle in the store.

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