As I read the news of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shaking Mexico on Friday I can’t help but pray for the folks there.

Not sure how many know, but this blog was actually started due to a trip my children and I took to Mexico City. (See first few posts to learn more about that adventure) We absolutely loved it.
One of my concerns while there was what to do if an earthquake hit. Yes, we are from an earthquake prone environment (san francisco) but I was a lot more….concerned being abroad in a densely populated, foreign, iffy building earthquake standards type of place. However, not enough not to go. So we packed and kept our mini disaster kits with us at all times…just in case.
So as I read this article and look at the pictures I have a few thoughts:
I pray everyone is well. There weren’t any reports last time I checked of injured people just buildings.
I pray they begin to bring their buildings up to code.
I am thankful it didn’t happen while we were there.

As of now, we are still contemplating a long term Mexico stay but despite our thorough enjoyment of Mexico City I doubt it will be there. Hmmm I wonder where???? 😃


5 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. I am glad only property was damaged in the earthquake, and not people. My high school guidance counselor and her husband had a house in Oaxaca. I think you all may enjoy the Veracruz region.

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