52 Weeks for One Year Supply

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52 Weeks
One Year supply for two people
Thought some of you may want this.  I have had a few requests for it.  It is also in the Personal Preparedness Portfolio as a part of the Long Term Self Reliance Module.

Week 1

8 cans of your favorite soup

8 rolls of toilet paper

8 cans tomatoes or sauce

Week 2

8 cans of meat (tuna, salmon, chicken, etc.)

25 lbs of sugar or honey

3 boxes of saltine crackers

Week 3

8 lbs of salt

25 lbs of pasta

1 gallon of cooking oil

Week 4

2 months worth of laundry soap

8 cans fruit

extra batteries of all sizes you would need

Week 5

25 lbs of rice or other grains that you eat

8 cans of meat

3 months worth of seasonings and spices

Week 6

8 cans vegetables

Fruit drink to make 30 quarts

Beef, chicken…

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