What direction do i want my blog to go? i am Clear that it is not a one subject type of blog. For instance, i am not just Going to talk about homeschooling, or traveling, or sewing, or gardening, or wife-ing, etc etc.
I am clear that I want it to inspire others to live a simple, productive, enjoyable, DIY, and more sustainable lifestyle. And to show a Muslim family, a black Muslim family, striving to do all of thee above. I don’t always do a great job of publicly relating the role my faith plays in all that I do. I take it for granted that it does. It’s obvious to me! The stuff above leaves me to do nothing but pray and seek Allah’s guidance. 😊
I recall being asked if I really prayed 5 times a day. At the time my children were much younger and one of my daughters was really testing my limits with the way she handled frustrations. So I just laughed and said I’m a homeschooling mother of three young children & I work. I easily pray 5X an hour. We laughed and I answered the question based on what I knew the person was really asking. YES, we strive to make our 5 obligatory prayers.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy with a bunch of a lot of different things and to be honest I miss blogging but not much to blog about. I prefer blogging about DIY type stuff and I haven’t done enough new stuff in that area. Haven’t been home much. A few big things happening in May so not much on agenda in this area BUT somehow I am hoping to make the time in June and beyond. I think my blog will probably be sewing related for awhile as I have a backlog of projects I want to try. But my goal is to start back sewing I guess around second week of June.
My point…it may get kinda quiet around these parts.


5 thoughts on “Direction

  1. Just flow in the direction that life sends you. We’ll be here whenever you decide to blog.

  2. I am looking forward to your blogs about sewing and whatever else you have. I love the story on praying. A mother who doesn’t pray is a mother who could never see, think, maintain clearly. Allah is needed in every minute of our lives. Thanks for sharing! Keep it going!

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