The End…

Of my procrastination session.
A good laugh.
I guess I will end my procrastination session with upgrading my iOS.
I don’t really know where to begin this story…
I haven’t upgraded my iOS system in quite some time. I got this phone Feb 2012 (thanks Robert, he was tired of me asking to borrow his) and embarrassingly so instantly became addicted. All was well. New iOS came out I upgraded and well… Hated it (for about a week. Lol) nonetheless I haven’t upgraded since. Despite all the pestering from family and um the apps on the phone. I still refused. Robert just recommended I get two new apps and well I can’t because my iOS is too old. So we laughed about it. And we both laughed hard when I confessed that WordPress sends me an update daily asking me to upgrade.
Alright. I guess I will sell out. I wonder what the children will say when they find out.😊
I will go toil while my phone upgrades.



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