Earring Holder

I wanted, needed, a better way to store my earrings so inspired by Pinterest I came up with this but of course with my own twist inspired by Faith.

I purchased this picture frame from Goodwill. I thought I would take out the picture and such, but Faith kept saying how she really liked the picture and that I should keep it. It was framed so nice that it dawned on me to just replace the glass with wire. So that I did and I really like the finished product. Not to mention the picture is perfect since with two daughters my earrings that I would love to keep to myself seem to just fly away.
It was rather easy. I do believe it was my first time working with my tools in over a year. Simple tools but tools nonetheless.
Yes I have a few more pairs of earrings to hang.
Oh and I purchased a little basket to attach to hold studs but I haven’t decided what color I want to spray paint it yet. But I didn’t want to hold up the project. So for now the basket sits on the counter performing it’s duty.




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