Muffin Man


Today I got the bright idea to make 3 types of muffins. So I did. I also decided to use 3 new recipes. I also told myself I wasn’t buying any new ingredients or specialty items. So you know how that google search goes….
Easy blueberry muffin recipe. Read the recipe…. Sugar…ok…. Blueberries….ok… Butter…. Ok (starting to get excited)….. Flour….ok… Vanilla extract… Ok but let me …. Ah man!
Ok. Next recipe.
Anyway, I made orange poppy seed(delicious), banana muffin(better than good but not as good as other two), and blueberry muffin(delicious).


2 thoughts on “Muffin Man

    • PbtA! You better come as the children are dealing with them fast! And you know they like the ones they thought they didn’t want…blueberry. Glad I made two batches of yhose

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