Sewing Again

It seems like forever since I posted. Moving right along….
I had planned to start sewing again after a 4 month break. Well right after I declared that I would sew something the girls were asked to be hostesses in a wedding. Guess God saw fit to provide me with some additional motivation.
So I made their outfits and on the day of rehearsal I was also asked to help so I got to make 3 outfits in two weeks.

Not the greatest pic but we were rushing out and rasul didn’t seem to be too enthused to be the photographer.
I must say that I am pleased with myself for these 3 projects. The things I am most pleased with:
1. It didn’t take a lot of time to sew them and I wasn’t rushing or stressed although I didn’t have much time.
2. I couldn’t get Peace’s zipper perfect but close enough after a few tries. Later (before the next zipper thankfully) I discovered my pressure foot was loose. But the time and patience it took to deal with her zipper forced me to slow down and really absorb that process despite having done it numerous times.
3. ALTERATIONS… I did a lot on Faith’s outfit and a few minor on mine. I usually RUN, I mean avoid, alterations. I think this was the boost I needed to tackle sewing for myself because I am not the the size the patterns were designed for.

That’s it for now. Maybe I will take better photos in the near future, or not.😜



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