Sound Bite

The battle against the sound bite and having conversations that matter.

I don’t intend to start doing long drawn out blogs in case you are wondering. As I am reflecting on my real intention of having more conversations, particularly old school face-to-face conversations, that matter it is amazing how many people don’t know how to communicate any more. Myself included at times, although I have historically been “too direct,” straight to the point and not much foreplay. You know, a what’s the point kinda gal. Why are we talking? It makes it seem as if I don’t enjoy talking, but I really do if it is meaningful dialogue. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation. It doesn’t have to be PC. It doesn’t have to be sensationalized. (drama filled). I would like to believe deep down others feel the same way. Maybe many of us are just trapped into the scripted superficial level of thinking and doing.
Anyway, I need to break free. Join me.


3 thoughts on “Sound Bite

  1. With you. An ex once explained hat he didn’t want to have with a person any discussion he could have with a computer. In the months that followed, I, too, started losing patience with scripted conversation, and also lent some the impression I was bored when really I wanted to know why we were engaging. What we were driving toward. Why our exchange was better than a few minutes at a keyboard.

  2. Just going through my email…so I’m reading this a month later, right? Anyway, you know I can relate. Want real conversation? Just call me. 😀

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